Louis Skenderis

Louis Skenderis - Experienced in Federal Financial Regulations

Louis Skenderis has spent 18 years dealing with criminal investigations and federal financial regulations, and currently works for the United States Department of Education. He began his career as a regulatory policy specialist for the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in Virginia, where he used Bank Secrecy Act data to assist law enforcement officials with criminal and intelligence investigations. After 4 years, Louis Skenderis transitioned to the US Department of Homeland Security, where he served as a special agent and led complex criminal investigations relating to import/export control, public corruption, the Patriot Act, the Money Laundering Control Act, and more. He successfully dismantled a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme in the foreign currency exchange market and helped end the 15-year career of a human trafficker.

From there, Louis Skenderis served as general counsel for National Check and Currency, and a regulatory interpretation specialist for the Department of the Treasury. In his current role as a special agent for the Office of Inspector General, he handles criminal investigations into Federal Student Aid fraud and other departmental programs. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University and a juris doctor from Syracuse University College of Law.

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Louis Skenderis
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